There is no evidence of transmission of the novelcoronavirus through food. This has been stated by a number of authoritiesincluding The NHS.

We currently do not have any ingredientshortages. If for any reason we do. We will make you (the customer) awarestraight away.

We have a very strict food safety checks inplace. Our Customers' well being and safety/ quality of our products is ourhighest priority during these uncertain times. We wouldnt do anything to putthat at risk.

We are constantly creating new recipes, andlooking to add more products online to give our customers even more choice whenit comes to selecting there perfect meals.

No delays, but if for any reason there is, wewill let you know ASAP.

Our delivery partners have been directed tofollow strict hygiene protocols which include frequent hand washing. Drivershave also been advised to stay home if they are feeling sick, exhibit anysymptoms of acute respiratory illness or have been in close contact withconfirmed cases of infection.

 Our drivers can sign for delivery on behalf ofour customers to limit contact, should a customer request so.

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